The First of Many

This post is the first of many, if all goes according to plan. I hope to share my experiences with gardening, chicken keeping, coop building, and everything else that comes my way. Stick around, and keep checking back for more posts! I suppose its only fitting that I talk about the first day of my chickens on the first post of my blog… So lets start there!

At exactly 5:45 in the morning, the post office called my home phone. It was a Wednesday, and I had school in an hour and a half… I had gone to bed at 11pm. Normally, if anyone attempted to wake me up at this hour, I would not be a happy camper. But as soon as my father swung open that bedroom door, and called my name, I couldn’t stop grinning. I threw on a pair of jeans that I found lying on my bedroom floor, along with a tshirt, put my hair up, and splashed my face. When I got downstairs the EcoGlow was plugged in, the shavings spread, and feed and water prepared. We hopped into the Subaru, and drove down to the post office in the town over. I waited by the little half door, rang the button, and tapped my foot. Soon a faint peeping got louder and louder, and the top of the door swung open. An older woman held out a squarish box full of highly disturbed birds, and asked for a signature as I took the scissors and swung open the top. The birds sprinted over to the sunlight, peeping their little hearts out. I counted four, which was strange, because we had ordered five little female chicks. I shrugged, and was thankful for receiving any! We drove on home, opened the box once more, and I carefully picked each squirming chick up and dipped her beak in water. And there I sat for the next five or so hours, just watching and smiling and being happy. 

So there you have it, the first of many stories about my little hens…