In Sum

I think I should do a brief recap of the content in this blog. In May 2014 I ordered five small chicks- three standard brown egg-layers and two easter eggers (all supposedly female).

2014-05-07 08.33.41 2014-05-07 09.08.28

A few days later two chicks passed away (RIP Aida and Elvia). I was left with Sybil, Mary, and Edith, with which everything went splendidly until about 10 weeks in. At this point I realized that instead of “three little hens” I had two roosters, and one hen. Thus, Sybil/Sid was sadly sent to a nearby chicken owner. Edith is still in the picture, though his crowing and aggression is increasing every day. We will have to see.

My three little hens

Photo Aug 01, 12 55 38 PM Photo Aug 01, 12 55 51 PM Photo Aug 01, 12 56 35 PM

On Friday, I bought two new chickens. One Rhode Island Red hen named Cora, and an Easter Egger whose name I have not yet thought of. An hour after these chickens entered my life, the Easter Egger squeezed through an opening in the fence and took off. For three days she lived in my backyard somewhere, coming back to visit every so often. Finally, yesterday I managed to trick her into entering the run.

Before I put the chickens to bed yesterday, I noticed that Mary’s face was bloody from a bite wound (courtesy of Edith). I separated her for the night and got help with her wound care from my mother and neighbor.

As of now, my blog title finally makes sense. I can proudly say that I am the owner of three little hens.


4 thoughts on “In Sum

      • existentialfarmgrrrl says:

        No he didn’t invite them for dinner lol. However, one of our roosters was so aggressive that he kept trying to bully our friends alpha rooster and ended up meeting his demise. Fortunately, the other 2 roosters settled in just fine and are doing great even 2 years later!

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