Winter Dreaming

Mary seems to be doing a little bit better. She’s still on the antibiotics, and I’m calling the vet, again, tomorrow. I don’t think she’s in any imminent danger though.

These past few days I have been duck sitting- as you can see from the pictures below. It didn’t involve much, just opening up their coop in the morning and filling their feeder and kiddie  pool, then returning at night. It was so funny to watch their little duck tails wagging, and seeing them file one-by-one up the little ramp at night. It makes me wish I had some! My parents teased me about it when I showed them pictures. Of course, there is no room for that now, and I don’t want to stretch the patience of my neighbors, who already suffer through Edith’s constant crowing.

Yesterday the weather was strangely beautiful, and my sister and I took advantage of it in the evening hours when we went on a hike through the woods. The sunlight was gorgeous, highlighting everything in deep gold, tree trunks, green plants that survived the winter so far, and the stream running through it all. When I walk through nature like this, everything just floats away, stays outside in civilization. I did get a bit nervous when the sun started setting, and we weren’t even close to the end, but we made it!

This post is a bit scatterbrained, kind of like me right now. But I’m just going to embrace this disorganization 🙂

Whenever winter’s harsh weather and short days roll around, I long for spring. The smells, sights, the feelings of life flowing through everything around me. When this happens, my mind formulates grand plans, beautiful flower gardens and towering vegetable plants. Baskets full of fresh eggs and tomatoes. Rows of roses and green grass, honey bees… Oh the plans in my head are endless. I know that they won’t really happen, because this is what goes on every year. I can barely keep my meager four raised beds going, let alone berry bushes and flower gardens too. But it’s fun to dream, and it gets me through the winter.


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