I started some seedlings earlier this week! These past few years I have utterly and completely failed at getting my little plants to thrive. I’ve had an especially frustrating time with the heirloom peppers I’ve tried over the years. On Monday I filled a flat with four Asters, four peppers, and eight lettuce plants. Or maybe it was eight pepper plants and four lettuce plants… perhaps this is why I’ve been failing at this…

But not to fear! I have a chart with the information somewhere around here. I followed the directions carefully, filling up the bottom tray with warm water, soaking  the black, absorbent mat that goes underneath the flat itself in more warm water, expanded the little soil pellets, sowed the tiny seeds, and covered it all with a thin “germination sheet”. Then I quickly cleaned up the layer of dirt on the kitchen counter before my family laid their horrified eyes on it. They just don’t get it sometimes 🙂

I probably could have easily done all this without the silly Burpee seed kit, but took advantage of it as it was left over from last year. Hopefully they sprout.

Photo Mar 09, 1 47 00 PM

If anyone asks, those crumbs are brownies…

Photo Mar 09, 1 51 16 PM

And if they don’t, I shall try again. After all, I’ve got to have something to distract me from the idea of chicks that I can’t have, and my rooster troubles.


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