I actually… think I might have done something.. useful!

Cora and Mabel have glaring bald patches on their backs. Cora’s wing.. I want to say elbow, but I know that isn’t correct.. is red from Edith mounting her constantly. I think Edith needs to dial down his enthusiasm a bit.

Anyways, I went ahead and ordered one of those chicken saddle things. I got onto Amazon, and finally found one for about ten dollars. It is camouflage with weird butterflies on it. I read the title of the product about ten times before ordering it, and yet I still managed to get a double-strapped one instead of single-strapped.

In case you aren’t an expert on chicken saddles (who isn’t?), I’ll inform you of the difference. A single strapped saddle is essentially a square piece of durable cloth with two loops of elastic on either side. The chicken’s wing is pulled through the elastic on either side. This design is far more comfortable for them, and easier to put on. But it goes both ways- it falls off just as easily.

A double strapped saddle has elastics that cross in the middle. Its hard to explain, but essentially there is a whole in between the two elastics, a separate loop if you will, that some how you shove the chickens head through. So this elastic thing is pressing against her throat all.the.time. I definitely didn’t want that.

I definitely am not skilled in the art of sewing. Not at all. Someone missing both of their thumbs could probably hand-sew better then me. And yet I fixed this double strapped hen saddle, and converted it to a nice single strapped one. It took me a few hours, which is kind of depressing when you think of the very minuscule amount of sewing I actually had to do. But I did it, nonetheless, and it works fantastically.

I slipped it onto Cora without much trouble, and she hasn’t succeeded in shaking it off during this 24 hours. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I feel so very useful!


3 thoughts on “Usefulness?!

    • caitlinmlew says:

      Exactly my mindset- I stabbed myself in the thumb with that sewing needle so many times…

      Oh I wish I was, but when I broached the subject with my other family members they became rather adamant that my options were: keep Edith, and get hen saddles, or get rid of Edith and not get anymore chickens anyways. They don’t really understand the whole chicken math thing.

      I think you can probably guess which I chose 🙂

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