I’ll Speak In Pictures

Photo Nov 15, 1 01 16 PM

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry for my recent absence. Very few things have happened around here. I did take a few pictures yesterday, so I’ll share those with you.

Mabel is coming out of her shell a bit. While she won’t allow me to pet her feathers, she will gladly accept scratch at my feet, or a handful of grass through the fence. She is getting bigger, and her muffs and beard are more pronounced!

I really hope she’ll let me grow closer with her, she seems like a really sweet bird.

There has been a steady stream of beautiful brown eggs- they get more and more perfect with every day. I used one of them when I baked scones the other day. What a difference it made in the color of the batter! They also make DELICIOUS egg sandwiches. My father made an omelet, and cooked some prosciutto, and I ate it in a toasted asiago bagel. Absolutely delicious.

Oh, and before I forget, my father has finally finished the coop! He is building the run as we speak. Now I just have to figure out how to get my giant, grumpy rooster and his skittish hens from the A-Frame to their new home. A daunting challenge, for sure.

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